Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Playdate (or.... More cuteness)

There have been various kittens playing out on the cement in front of the garage in the evenings lately. They're so fun to watch. I happened to see these when I looked out the window Sunday evening, so I grabbed the camera and snapped away, totally unbeknownst to them. (If I'd been outside with them, all this fun wouldn't have happened, as these are a bit shy yet.) The 2 bigger kittens are Mama's, and the little spotted guy is Scoot's (her other one apparently didn't want to come).

I think someone's feeling left out here:

"Mommy, is it time for my lunch yet? They're making me hungry!"

The picture of contentment:

Or not:

"Will you guys share?"

"They're done, can I have some NOW?"

"They won't share!"

Then they all decided to just play:

"THIS is how it's done."

"This is more fun!"

Here's some video action, too. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

the little runt is such a cutie, sure doesn't look like it will ever impress the big siblings!