Friday, July 26, 2013

Kittens and more kittens, Part 2

Courtney has picked out a favorite kitten. This one might even go to live in Courtney's house when she's old enough! She has the cutest little half-orange face and big adorable eyes, which I haven't managed to get a nice photo of yet. You'll be seeing more of her later, I'm sure. :)

She's still pretty tiny, and only about 4 weeks old when these pics were taken.

Courtney gives her plenty of loving and can't wait for her to get old enough! :)  As yet, the 'perfect' name hasn't been found.

When we made another trip out that day to give her even MORE loving, what should we find but a tiny newcomer, whose mama had just given birth to, right out in the open!

The mama was not too happy with our being there, so she chose to ignore the tiny one for a bit. She growled and hissed at us instead. Here's a bit of size comparison for you... the two bigger kittens are from the same litter as Courtney's favorite above.

The poor little thing did manage to make it over to its mama...

... and so did this huge-in-comparison little stinker.

The mama... no, it's not Rainbow but her almost-twin sister, Dash... finally got down to business and had at least 3 more babies, hid them away and is taking good care of them (unlike her first time around earlier this spring when she abandoned her litter). Occasionally I get to see one of them, because she'll bring one along when she comes to eat. Crazy mama! But she's quite possessive and protective of them, which is good!

Are you tired of kitten pics yet? I have more. ;)  They seem to be the main subject making it into my camera these days.


annie dee said...

No! Never tired of kitten pictures. More please (when you can).

The Luedtke Family said...

We don't see this type of cat and kitten activity anywhere around here. While common and daily for you, not so for us! Not minding the kitten pics.

Hope Courtney enjoys naming her kitten. Such a tiny thing. Only name coming to mind right now is "Kit-Kat".

Can't wait to hear her name choice!

Anonymous said...

I see either "Socks" or "Footies".