Monday, July 22, 2013

Corn progress

I've been asked how the corn is doing. It's growing fast! Here's my little assistant, who won't show up much longer from within the rows:

The corn is beginning to look pretty thirsty, though. Rain dances are in order, Annie Dee. :)

(Incidentally, we have better cornfields than this one. This one just happens to be closest and handiest for photo-taking.)

I have it on good authority that the corn is growing well in Wisconsin, too! :)


annie dee said...

Go corn go! Looks good and healthy. Hard to imagine anywhere not having enough rain: we have had rain every day for what seems like forever!! I will attempt a directional rain dance though.

The Luedtke Family said...

So very green, rain, let's keep it that way!

We picked our first pickle, had about 3 strawberries on our starter plant, soon to pick beans (they are on this week's menu), and enjoying red leaf lettuce! Ready to use some herbs.

Come on, garden and crop growth!

Grandma G said...

Good goin', Annie! Your dance produced a light shower this morning. But why'd you stop so soon???

Yay on the garden produce, Becky! Fresh home-grown can't be beat!

Mark said...

This year is sure different than last year. I think it was this tall beginning to middle of June. That or Courtney has had an extreme growth spurt during this last year.

Grandma G said...

Courtney's been growing fast, but not quite THAT fast. :)