Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The north side of our house has some splashes of color these days. My hibiscus is finally starting to bloom again. It's in desperate need of repotting, but I don't want to do that because then it's too hard to handle. I've cut slips from both plants, but they're not rooting right away like the last time I tried that. I might have to try some newer growth later. But here's a photo of the coral bloom (with a bud from the red plant in the background). It gets such a deep, bright color when it gets a lot of sun. I do move it far enough from the house that it gets sunshine most of the day. The wind has been mostly in the south so far this summer, so it's more protected on the north. If/when we get north winds, I move it to the other side of the house. So now you know why I don't like it in a huge pot... plus I bring it into the garage every night to protect it from raccoons, skunks, and/or whatever likes to dig in pots (kittens? never!).

Below are my colorful impatiens with some non-stop begonias in the upper right corner:

These are my favorite impatiens:

I also love my non-stops!

Oh, and the gerbera daisies are back there, too, in the sun with the hibiscus. They're just beginning to bloom nicely, too. I forgot to take pics of them, though. Later.....

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