Monday, July 8, 2013


Here's Mama Rainbow and her little Tony the Tiger. Rainbow's had her little ones out and about around the yard a lot lately.

Tony is very playful and enjoys exploring.

Here he's deciding whether or not to tackle that huge tree:

He actually did take a small leap (well, a big leap for him) onto the tree, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch him on it. He didn't stay there very long.

Tony's brother, Pete the Cat, is a bit more shy. Here he is below, wanting to come and play with us, but not quite daring to do so.

Since I took these photos, Pete has gotten braver, too. Saturday evening Rainbow brought them both right to the back door, and I sat and played with both of them for a while. After dark, I noticed they were still out there and Rainbow was gone. I wondered if she was leaving me a "gift"... and if they spent the night out there. But this morning I noticed them out playing on the driveway. It's so fun to watch them scampering and pouncing around. Pure cuteness!


annie dee said...

The chubby bellies are getting slimmer; the stickie uppie straight tails are expressing opinion (to tackle that tree or not?). These sweet little babies are growing up too quickly! Cute.

Grandma G said...

They are! But I have more smaller ones, and Patches' babies yet to find! And wait till you see the pics and videos I took last night! Actually, I haven't seen them on the computer yet... they're still in the camera... but they promise to be adorable!! ;)