Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just as I suspected

It was a thirsty cat that messed up yesterday's "pretty" (not really - ugh!), pristine snow. It's the stray tomcat, whom I call Tommy. He's not mine, but I think he thinks he is, although I can't get close to him. But he likes my cat food... and my females.

Captions, anyone?

Update: There were more with the same idea throughout the day today. Here's Scoot:

She quickly gave it up, though.

There have been others, too. I just didn't manage to capture them on camera.

At least there's been some melting on the deck rail, and the pile in the birdbath has shrunk some. Thanks to the sun. The temperature didn't get much above freezing today, though. I do know I need to wash those windows yet... those spots you can see on the cats aren't snowflakes.

Why do I feel like it's been a long winter already? Maybe because I never fully recovered from last winter's seeming endlessness?


annie dee said...

Hey! There's no cat food under here! All that digging for nuttin !!

Grandma G said...

Heheh. :)

Live a Colorful Life said...