Friday, November 15, 2013

Soon... very soon!

I received these pattern testing supplies in the mail from LiEr yesterday. They're things I didn't have on hand or have easy access to locally.

She is very close to being finished with the pattern so I can have a go at it. I'm excited to get started making lots of pretty little things!

Also being shipped to me is a whole lot of fabric to make some pretty BIG things.  For someone very near and dear to me. For her new house. :) More on that later.

So very soon I will be VERY busy sewing. I may have to take a blog-cation for a while. So if I disappear, don't worry, I'm just otherwise occupied. I'll try to keep you updated at least occasionally, though, and of course you'll get to see the final results.


annie dee said...

What's going on in my brain: what's today's date? when did she post that last post? is there anything new yet? go check. nothing new still the teaser. now? what about now? go check. nothing new still the teaser. now? what about now? go check... nothing new....

Grandma G said...

Aww... sorry!! So much to do... so little time. So something's gotta give. I'm afraid it's the blog (and housework). I do have some cute kitty pics, though... maybe I can stick them up quick later today. ;)

Just don't give up and desert me!