Monday, November 4, 2013

What's YOUR excuse?

Oops again. For those of you waiting to see doll clothes, you'll have to wait one more day. I think. At least that's the last word I have from LiEr. Her excuse for not having her post ready to go today is that she had a houseful of company because of a daughter's birthday. Huh. Couldn't YOU get a blog post ready in the midst of that? Ha... me, either. :)

I have enough trouble getting anything done these days due to a certain little furry creature that has invaded my house. She happens to be a little purring cuddlebug, too, and often I get stuck in situations like this:

She makes it just soooo hard to get up and do something productive! Could YOU resist sitting for "just a couple more minutes"?

She doesn't spend all her time in my arms, though. She enjoys playing and exploring too much. Speaking of exploring, she's increasing her abilities and her territory every day. Just yesterday she discovered she could make it to the table top... dang it.

She thought the new height was wonderful!

So nothing's safe up there anymore. What Josie never bothers with, Annabelle thinks is all new toys. Aargh.

Of course she's never satisfied, but looking to go ever higher.....

"Can I make it?"

Nope, she can't make it to the countertop. Yet. Only a matter of time, I'm sure. But hopefully I can train her to stay off of there like I did Josie (who only gets up there when she thinks I'm not looking).



annie dee said...

I have thousands of pictures of sleeping cats (and dogs). And I've sat longer than I wanted to because of a cute, little, purring, sleeping face about a zillion times! CATS!!

Grandma G said...

They're good for us, y'know. :)