Wednesday, November 6, 2013


What a beautiful beginning to our day yesterday!

It was cold, though. At least I was smart and grabbed a coat before I went out. I figured my bathrobe just wasn't gonna be enough this time.

You've heard the old saying: "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning..."? Well here's what it was looking like by late afternoon:

Ugh. I have it on good report that the roads were very slippery, too. :(

After that it got too dark for more photos, but it kept snowing for hours. I'll maybe update this post later in the morning... if I can stand to look outside to take pics. YUCK!!

Update: Here's this morning's sunrise. Quite a different scene, huh? :(

The deck railing and birdbath look different, too. YUCK!

It looks like one of the cats tried to get a drink. Poor thing.

And look at this photo below. There's something terribly wrong with this scene, don'tcha think?!

At least the sun is shining, and hopefully that stuff will melt fast. I scooped the drift from in front of the garage, but I left the rest for the sun to take care of. I'm not in shape (or mood) for cleaning it all yet.


annie dee said...

In order: ooh, OOH, yuck, ugh. Keep warm!

Grandma G said...

I updated the post, so you can give me some more of your descriptive terms. ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

Your yesterday snowy day, came to us in a windy, rainy today. It amazes me that you are not really that far away, not north at all, and whenever MN has snow, we usually get rain. I have driven from MN in snow, and arrived in IL in rain. Crazy, almost unbelievable. I'll take rain today, but come mid-December I'll want a day like your yesterday!

Grandma G said...

We're actually somewhat north of you, and your parents a little more so, but maybe it's the lake that warms it even more there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, My Goodness your sunrise photos are just amazing. I have been so busy getting all the Fall chores done I have not been to the blog since Oct 10. I so enjoyed going back and seeing all your cool posts. Now that the snow has fallen I will be indoors more and will be sure to catch the blog more often. keep up the good work. Love those kitten stories.

Grandma G said...

Thank you... um... Grace? I've missed you!!! You've been gone so long that Blogger even thought your comment was spam, and when I went to respond to it, it wasn't here. Sure enough, there it was in the spam folder. Glad you're back (whoever you are)! :)