Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Have you ever heard of a percinnamon? Here's what one looks like:

I found some in our local grocery store last Friday. There was a little printed article attached to their bin saying how good they were and that they had a slight cinnamon flavor. If you're familiar with persimmons, you'll probably think I'm just misspelling its name. Or maybe that the store mislabeled it? Nope, the fruit itself had a sticker to prove its name (I actually wondered myself until I looked at the sticker):

However, when I Googled "Percinnamon", I found NO information on it at all. The ONLY thing I found was someone's photo on a blog, and this person said that she'd found a new variation of the persimmon. Okay.

I've never eaten a persimmon before... have you? If you're as unfamiliar with them as I was, here's a size comparison for you:

I even had to Google how to eat them. :) Apparently you eat them pretty much like you would a tomato, skin and all. Here's what I did:

Although the sticker said "Ready to eat!", I was a bit skeptical and let it sit for 3 days, because it wasn't totally orange (and I've found that many fruits that claim to be ready to eat, aren't). I'm glad I did, although it almost looks in this next photo like it's overripe. I don't know. It wasn't mushy or anything, though.

Then I cut it into wedges and ate them.

As for the flavor, I'd say this quote (by a child) that I came across regarding a persimmon is pretty accurate: "sweet, but kind of unexciting". I didn't notice any cinnamon flavor. It was indeed sweet, but I got kinda sick of it by the time I finished it. And it seemed to leave a slightly slimey feel in my mouth.

Will I buy more? Nope. There are too many other fruits I like better. And the price on this thing was $1.99... for ONE! Too pricey for what it's worth, in my book. I did get a good deal on it, however. I noticed after I got home and looked at my receipt that I was only charged 30¢. My checkout clerk thought it was an onion (in the plastic bag). ;)


Jessica Jones said...

I've never heard of that thing!

Grandma G said...

Well, now you have! :)

annie dee said...

New fruit! How cool.

Christel said...

That fruit (not that spelling) is common here in Asia though! Some are soft and mushy, while some other types are more crunchy. Hehe.