Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pattern testing reality

I received LiEr's pattern Saturday evening, so I've been working on it. It's going well, but sometimes I have a little too much assistance, as you can see by this photo I took a few minutes ago:

I could've (probably should've) worked on this embroidery stuff in my sewing room, but the cats aren't happy when I'm gone for too long at a time, so since this was something I could do upstairs, I did it there.

First Annabelle crawled into my lap and settled down for a nice nap. I was prepared for that, and had grabbed the claw clipper, knowing the job needed doing and thinking I'd get her when she was relaxed, hoping it'd go better than when she's more awake and squirmy. It worked! Claws were done in no time.

But, that was the end of the nap (even the shortest of cat naps go a really long ways, y'know?). She decided to help me instead of napping. First she hopped into the basket, so I grabbed the camera, thinking that'd be a really cute shot. Well, that didn't even last till I got the camera focused. She'd spied the embroidery floss and decided to go to work. Sooo helpful. Ha!  I tossed her to the floor about 10 times before finally she got the hint.

Embroidery done. For me, that's the hardest part of the testing (I think... so far, anyway). My embroidery skills are rusty, plus it takes so long. Not that there's much of it... I'm just slow. And things go so much faster on the sewing machine. But, now I'm off to the sewing room again to the fun stuff - hurray! (Poor kitties.) ;)


annie dee said...

Cute helper!

Grandma G said...

Yep, that she is. Cute, that is. Helper... not so much :)

Boy, for someone who checks my blog every 10 minutes, it sure took you a long time to comment. Have a hard time trying to decide what to say? ;)

annie dee said...

LOL. Hey what can I say?