Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art project with Courtney

Courtney was able to spend the whole day with me on Monday, because there was no school due to the MLK holiday. She brought some of her Christmas things along and we played with them, but she was hoping I had an "art project" for her to do, and luckily I did! Just the week before, my friend, LiEr, had posted some things that her youngest daughter had worked on, and she'd made up printable sheets that anyone could download from her blog and use for themselves. Courtney was thrilled with what they were, so we downloaded and printed our own pages and went to work. Courtney did all the cutting. 

Fortunately, she happened to bring along a little purse (one that I'd made a long time ago, which you can see by her elbow), and all the pieces fit into it very nicely for taking home!

We both worked on the coloring. Here's one of her pages:

This is the page I did all by myself (she made me!):

We both worked on the third page, and since she was ready to cut before I was done coloring my part, I had to take photos in stages. Here's the first part:

And the rest:

We had a great time coloring everything (we used mostly colored pencils, but some crayons, too). We spent so much time working on them that there was no time left for playing with them, but she took them all home, and I'm sure she and her dolls will have a lot of fun, too!

If any of you would like to print the pages for your kids (or grandkids), you can find them here.

Thank you, LiEr, for the fun day!!


LiEr said...

You're most welcome! Tell Courtney her coloring is very, very good! It looks like you used cardstock - very smart. We used paper (because I drew on it) and that was nice for Kate to cut out, but a bit floppy.

Slightly related, do you remember sending me some paper doll and food (pizza, I think) printouts a couple Christmases back? They were from someone's blog and we both thought they were cute but I didn't have a color printer (still don't) and you kindly printed them out on yours and mailed them to me. We used them last Christmas and Kate has a wonderful day cutting those out.

So thank you right back at ya!

Jessica Jones said...

Great work!

Grandma G said...

Yes, we did use cardstock. I'll tell Courtney what you said about her coloring. But didn't you think MINE was good, too??? ;)

I do remember those! And you are welcome, too. (Whew, I was afraid you were gonna ask for the link so you could print more... and I have no idea...)

Thanks, Jess... from both of us! YOU did mean mine, too, didn't you???

annie dee said...

Of course your job is wonderful! LOL! You are too funny.

Grandma G said...

Ahhhh... finally somebody recognized my talent!! Thank you, Annie Dee! ;)

LiEr said...

Ah, I'm a day late to reply. Yes, your coloring is magnificent, too! Just finished drawing Kate 10 princesses, and scanned them, so I might post those, too.

We got another no-school-because-too-cold day tomorrow. You (not that YOU go to elementary school- I mean Courtney)?

Grandma G said...

Thank you, LiEr! I feel so much better now!! :)

So far school is just 2 hours late. I guess we're tougher down here. ;)