Thursday, January 23, 2014

From the sewing room window

It did it again. It wasn't predicted, but it did it anyway. We had another blizzard yesterday. The forecast said it was going to snow a little and blow some... but it got to rip roaring a lot stronger than they'd said it was going to, so they upgraded it to a 'blizzard warning'. It didn't start early enough to cancel school, so the kids went... and then left for home again at 9:00 a.m. Aargh. And it's now well below zero again.

Meanwhile, I've been getting some sewing done. Heaven knows, it's better than looking out the window. Here's what I see from my sewing room, and I had to scrunch down a little to get the trees in there. 

It's a pretty gloomy view, isn't it?

BUT... look closer! There's a garden growing up from the bottom of the window!

(Click to enlarge... they're much prettier that way!)

Hey, a person has to look for the bright side, right?


annie dee said...

Bright side = YES! Sewing with your back to that window = YES! YES!
Can't begin to describe how cold these photos make me feel. The frost is pretty .... cool .... looking.
Keep warm

Grandma G said...

Unfortunately, my back is NOT toward the window. In fact, my sewing machine is just below the window. The good news of that, though, is that as I'm sitting, I can't see much of the snowdrifts but the trees and sky instead. And right now that sky is BLUE!

However, with tonight/tomorrow's forecast of strong winds once again, I'd better get into town for some groceries while I can... even though it's still below zero and not expected to get much above today.

BUT... I'm ALMOST done sewing my bag!! Should be able to finish it this afternoon (barring any unpredicted blizzard and little girl arrival, of course)! I'll be showing you soon. I'm loving it!!

Mark said...

How long does it take to etch all those plants on the bottom, then a sunburst and looks like dirt or grass on the bottom. Do you sit there and paint water on the window and let it freeze into such a nice picture frame?
You I know I am kidding and because frost art by nature is one of my favorite things. How it develops and what causes it to form all the different formations is so fascinating and I love it. As always great and amazing pictures!

Grandma G said...

Haha! Thanks, Mark. :) You'd love this crazy weather we've been having, too. Maybe. This shoulda been your winter to be here! I wonder if Cindy'd last. ;)