Thursday, January 30, 2014


Have you ever noticed eyelashes on a cat before? I don't know that I have... at least not that I remember. I checked Josie, and if I can get her to hold still long enough, I can barely make hers out. But I've been noticing lately that Annabelle has distinct eyelashes. Just look (and also notice the pale creamy orange markings on her face):

No, her nose doesn't really glow. She was on my lap in not very good lighting, so I had to enhance the photo so you could see it better, thus the weird "glow". :) But those eyelashes!

And she continues to get darker!

I love it! I also love her personality... she is a very sweet, affectionate kitty. Just purrfect!

I really have nothing to blog about... yet. I finished a sewing project yesterday, but I can't show you... yet. Soon, though! Meanwhile, if I disappear, don't worry about me. :)


annie dee said...

One of my cats has one eye with white lashes and one with black lashes. The eye lash color matches the surrounding fur!

Grandma G said...

Yep, Annabelle's other eyelash is mixed dark and white... and thus much harder to see.