Monday, January 13, 2014


I've been practicing with my new camera some more. A couple days ago, I decided to compare the lenses and see how much difference the zoom lens made. Here's the shot I got using the most zoom I could get from the regular lens:

(Click any pic to enlarge.)

Then I put on the zoom lens and zoomed partway. Yup, things look closer:

And here is a photo I took with it zoomed all the way in:

It's a big difference from the first photo. So I guess the lens works. :) I need to work on my focusing some, though, as the picture isn't all that clear. It's probably not the focusing itself so much as holding the camera steady, which takes a REALLY steady hand (or a tripod) when shooting something that far away.

Here's something much closer:

It was thawing just a tiny bit on Saturday, and I thought it was cool how the snow was coming off the deck railing in "ribbons".

Y'know, there's really not much to take pics of these days. Except snow. And cats. I'll show you the cats tomorrow. But don't be surprised if I'm absent. It just means I'm out of pics again. (Of course, every time I say that, something else comes along, so not to fear.;) )

Oh, and I've finally decided on the sewing project... fabrics, zippers and all. Now just to get it put together so I can takes pics of that!


The Luedtke Family said...

And today we were over 40 degrees, which felt very spring-like. A very sunny day, and I see grass in my yard. Crazy to think that just last week we were well below zero. I still enjoy your pictures.

Grandma G said...

Yep, we had the 40° yesterday. No grass to be seen here yet, though, because we didn't get the rain you had to wash the snow away (and into your basement).

Crazy weather, indeed!

And thank you! :)