Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunset via the Canon

I'm making progress with the new camera, slowly but surely. It's not so hard, but everything seems foreign, like with anything new, and there's a lot to remember.

I took these pics last night using the zoom lens. It wasn't the most glorious of sunsets, but I just wanted something to practice on. (Click any pic to enlarge.)

It was, however, a COLD sunset (shot through the window). It was about -12° at the time, with a wind chill close to -40°. After I took the pics, I then went out to feed my cats. It takes me longer to dress and undress for it than I actually spend outdoors. The cats seem to be doing well, despite the cold. They certainly look huge with their heavy coats.

Back to the camera... I bought another class, from the same place I took the other one from, This one is for landscape photography. It was a $149 value I got for $25 via Groupon. I'm looking forward to it. However, I realized this is not the best time of year for it. Yes, plenty of pretty winter landscapes around, but it sounds like frozen fingers to me! It expires in February, though, so I guess I have to do it. Maybe if I go slow enough, I can stretch it into the spring. Or maybe we'll have an early spring this year?! Ha! I won't count on that one!

Okay, I just looked up the class, and it says "at your own pace, no deadlines". No worry about frozen fingers then. It also said it has 40 lessons. Knowing me, it could take me a year(s) to finish - ha!


annie dee said...

Just talking to my daughter (who, with my son, is here on vacation) about the crazy temps being reported in the midwest this morning. Even So FL will get cold (for us) tomorrow. They are talking lost citrus crops already. How do you handle -12 and -40? Are you a little glad about not having to take care of the cows on mornings like this? How do they stay warm even indoors? Keep warm!

Grandma G said...

(Yay for having your kids home with you!)

Uh oh... the price of citrus fruits is gonna go up. :( It's cold and crazy all over. As I type this, it's illegal to drive in Indianapolis except for emergency purposes, due to the snow and falling temps! Chicago has closed schools, and even in Cincinnati a bunch are closed!! ('Course they're kinda wimps. Heheh.)

Yes, the guys are VERY glad they are no longer milking cows. The stock cows are also all gone, so all that's left is a lot of calves. Maybe I should have Grandpa do a guest post on how cows/calves stay warm in this weather! I'm sure he'd be glad to. Ha. Basically, they need a lot of dry bedding.

God did some mighty work when he made animals to survive weather like this. Just think of the little birds... that always blows me away when I think of them in these temps!