Monday, April 6, 2015

Big birds

I've noticed some bigger birds in the trees across the driveway from the house recently. This first one was a crow, I guess, but it sat there for an unusually long time. (I cropped all the photos way down for a better look.)

Occasionally it would open its beak and call (or at least I assumed that's what it was doing, since I was in the house with the windows closed and heard no sound). Or maybe it was sickly, I don't know.

Suddenly there was a bluejay above it, checking it out.

A few days later I saw an even bigger bird over there.

It turned its head around and I could tell it was a hawk.

I believe it's a red-tailed hawk. It soon flew off.

I put my birdbath out a few days ago. So far I've only seen a blackbird, a sparrow... and Rainbow (the cat) using it. Thankfully, no turkeys... yet... although they've been around plenty.

Their feathers are rather pretty when the sun shines on them. But I'd rather not see them at all. I think every single one survived the winter. Boo.


Geneviève Thiffault said...

I can't believe how many different birds you can find around your home. I am still excited for having five or six species last summer haha

And I have never been in contact with turkeys (lucky me I guess?), so I am wondering if they are loud or agressive? Are they afraid of cats or is it the contrary?

By the way, I went to New York last weekend (first time ever) and there was flowers! THEY STILL EXIST! I had never been so excited for crocus in my entire life :)

Grandma G said...

Wow, Geneviève... you sound pretty deprived! ;) Glad you got away to see some flowers. :)

Turkeys are only loud at 6:00 a.m. right outside the bedroom window. ;( They're actually pretty quiet most of the time. They're not aggressive, except maybe a mama when she has little chicks... then it's best to not get too close. They and the cats get along fine, except for when I just mentioned. Mainly, they're just pests, because they eat the cats's food, make a mess of the birdbath, get noisy as mentioned, and they leave rather big "deposits" on the lawn. :(

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Right outside the bedroom window? I went on youtube to find out what they sound like and you have all my compassion! And having to clean up after them? Eurgh... I hope they won't choose your yard to be their home this year!

And yes, I am deprived :) My backyard is still full of snow, which is unusual at this time of the year. It makes me a little too overexcited about anything spring related. I just had to share :)

Grandma G said...

No, I don't clean up after them! I just have to be careful where I step! Ha!

They don't have any home in particular... they just keep wandering from place to place. Except when they're nesting.... then the hens stay on the nest, hidden away somewhere. I've never found a nest.

Snow still? Aargh! Now you have my sympathy!!