Friday, April 10, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

As I mentioned, Courtney was here all day on Monday because she had the day off from school for Easter vacation. She came loaded down with stuff! You saw the dolls in my last post, and they came in the bag I'd made for that purpose. Annabelle, who loves to get inside things, thought it was great for her purpose, too.

We soon had to dump her out of it, though, and hang it out of her range to avoid it getting too full of hair... or chewed on.

I'd requested that Courtney bring along her Sew Cool machine, since I hadn't yet had a chance to see it in operation. Here she is with two very curious onlookers.

Courtney did the whole project, which was for me, all on her own, except she asked me for my color choices.

There were some very tiny pieces!

She knew just how to put them together.

I see lots of sewing in her future. Just look at that concentration!

Voilà! Here is my tiny, winking bunny... cocky ears and all! He even has a bit of stuffing in his little belly.

I've discovered that Courtney's little machine is actually a child-sized felting machine. They make machines like that (which look more like regular sewing machines) for adults, too! Just try googling "felting machine" and you'll get all kinds of results. There's even a hand-held one. I don't really see one in my future, but who knows? There are some really unique projects out there!


annie dee said...

Very nice, Courtney! Love that the cats weren't afraid and watched as you were working. How Did you keep the little pieces safe from those curious paws?

Grandma G said...

We did have to toss the cats to the floor... quite a few times. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting! A felting machine. Never heard of one,but I'm gonna do a bit of research. Gotta see what the projects might be. Courtney looks like she really focused on getting the project done. As always, thanks for sharing!

Grandma G said...

You're welcome, Audrey. Now I'll be waiting to hear if you got a felting machine. :)

Geneviève Thiffault said...

I don't know where she got that interest for sewing... must run in the family ;)

And it's always nice to have furry helpers... even when they don't help haha

Grandma G said...

I can't imagine where she got that interest! Nope! :)

Yep... love the furry "helpers"!