Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brightening my sewing room

I've been bringing my amaryllises out somewhat later the last few years. I guess I started doing that because then it's warmer in the sewing room window where I've been putting them for the best sunshine. My first one is fully open now.

The second one will be blooming soon. The third one has decided to take a vacation from blooming this year, I guess. The fourth is an offspring of the one above, and I think it's not mature enough to bloom yet. BTW, if anyone (local) would like that little one, speak up, because I really don't want two alike... but I don't have the heart to just toss it. :)

Guess what?!?! My last sewing project was a success! It FITS! Perfectly, even!!! I am soooo relieved! Photos are awaiting a photographer and daylight to be available at the same time. I will show you pics when I get them!

Update: I just discovered this morning that my fourth amaryllis, the "offspring", IS indeed going to bloom! The flower stalk popped out since I took those pics yesterday morning and is already about an inch tall!


Blue said...

Those amaryllis are beautiful! Also, I think your sewing room paint color is the same as my new kitchen. Cheerful. :)
Also, congrats on the long-distance sewing fit! My mom used to do that for me, too, but it was a tad easier because my sister was pretty much the same size. Still caused fits of nerves while the dress was in the mail, though.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Blue! And it's nice to be able to breathe again. ;)

annie dee said...

Yeah for the amaryllises (amaryllis-i?) Mine bloomed too back in March which is really confusing to me. I associate them with Christmas. And I have another potful that hasn't bloomed yet but appears to be thinking about the concept. These are lovely.

Grandma G said...

I think they can bloom whenever you want them to... just depends on when you bring them out of their dormancy. And I always have wondered what the plural is. :)