Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blowing bubbles

Yesterday was about as perfect as a day can get, as far as I'm concerned... 70°, clear sky, and only the gentlest of gentle breezes. Courtney came after school, and we spent the whole time outside while she was here, including time for her snack and my tea.

She decided it was also a wonderful day for this:

Notice the variety of blowers... and bubbles.

And the pretty fingernails. :)

I was very happy that nothing showed up here except the bubbles, thanks to my clean camera sensor:


annie dee said...

Yikes! I haven't responded to any of these entries in days! Tsk tsk. So I"ll start with today's and go backwards.
The camera is wonderfully clean now. Makes a big difference especially with the photos of bubbles and sky. Love the concentration etched on Courtney's brow as she creates!!

Not sure if I got to this site because of you - but in case you didn't see, here's something she may be interested in on a future visit. http://andreasnotebook.com/printable-paper-dolls-kids-will-absolutely-love/

Please tell Courtney I love her nails. How does she do that?! I'm jealous.

Grandma G said...

I know! I've missed you!! I was considering emailing to see if you were still alive, but if you weren't, you couldn't answer me, anyway. ;) Glad you're back!!

Thanks for the site - I've bookmarked it.

She got some assistance from her mom on the nails. They're fake, and there was something about using a hair dryer to warm them to make them stick. That's all I know. LOL