Sunday, September 19, 2010

All better now

As I mentioned in an update to this post, I had to start Josie on an antibiotic after her spay surgery, due to a rattle in her lungs. Unfortunately, the med. didn't help. It only made her throw up. By Friday afternoon, she wasn't eating and had no energy, so I decided to take her in to the vet for an exam. She had a fever and very congested lungs. So she got a shot and a new antibiotic. (It's a pill, BTW. Ever try to give a cat a pill? Heheh. But I usually get it down on the second try. Only 5 days to go.) By the time I went to bed that night, her appetite was coming back, and she's been steadily improving ever since. As I type this, she's full o' the dickens and getting into everything she can. Hurray!

Here are a couple pics I took this morning:

"I'm NOT on the table!"

Chillin' with her now-good-friend, Wispy.

All is well.

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