Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full house

Well, not the 'house', really.... but the feeder. The hummingbirds have been really thick lately. I think this is the first time I've ever seen all 4 "slots" full on the feeder at the same time, with more hummers waiting in line!

Not a very good photo, really, as it was shot from across a room and a half in my house. Didn't want to scare them away. However, they've been so busy feeding the last couple days that they didn't worry about people around... or cats. Last evening Courtney and I were out on the deck steps, and the hummers were busy flying around and at the feeder... with 2 cats sitting directly below the feeder, staring up longingly. :-)

Hope I'm not boring you with the hummingbird stuff. It's just that this was a quick post to do. I have lots more stuff to show you, but today is a very busy one, so I'm outta time. Josie's at the vet getting spayed (poor baby), and I have a couple other things going on today. So catcha later....... !


JHRME said...

Haha I like the image of the cats!

Grandma G said...

Yeah, I was wishing I'd had the camera out there with me! But I figured if I went in to get it, the scene wouldn't be there anymore when I got back.