Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here we go again!

Remember last May when Blackie had her first babies and ended up not taking care of them? Well, she had another batch about a month ago, and this time she figured out what she was supposed to do with them.

Here's where Blackie and her new babies live. How many can you see? Click to enlarge for a better look.

There are three. Can you pick them out? Blackie's face is above the little gray one, and there is one kitten on either side of the gray one... a calico right up against him on the left, and a little off to the right you can see the white tips of paws on a mostly black one.

Here they are, fairly tame already, and getting lots of lovin' as we brought them into the machine shed to play with where it was dryer than in the wet grass.

(Click to see the lovin' much bigger!)

We even have them named already! Clockwise from the top in the bottom center pic (confused yet?) are Whiskers, Boots (you can see his boots in the bottom right pic of Courtney holding him), and Tippy, the calico who has an orange tip on the end of each ear!

The older "babies" seem pretty huge alongside the new ones! Here's Tuffy the Mouse Eater:

And Courtney's favorite Scoot(y):

As well as Patches and Miss Purrkins:

Who definitely make a bigger armful than those new little ones!

See the size contrast below?

So we have lotsa fun days ahead!


grace said...

I just love your kittens, Can I come over for a play date too?
Has Courtney shared with you that we now have an indoor/outdoor kitty? Her name is Silky...all white except for pale peach ears and tail.
She will be good company this winter when we do not have to go off to work every day.

Grandma G said...

Sure, Grace... you can come anytime! Yes, I've heard about Silky. Good for you! ENJOY!!

Laquita said...

That is a lot of kittens! Courtney must have so much fun. Sweet pics!