Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandma's little farm girl

Courtney came in this adorable little bib overall on Tuesday. She calls it her "bibs", because that's what Daddy calls his. Below she's rearranging her artwork on the fridge, with the... ahem.... "help" of her assistant, Josie, who looks ready to jump up and do her part.

Her baby, Molly, was well-dressed, too... in Courtney's vest. Hey, it was cold that morning... only about 50°!

Look how long that hair is!

Molly had a new 'do... 3 ponytails!

I love this pic below. I don't remember what she was doing at the time, but this is definitely a look of teasing mischief! See that twinkle?

Unfortunately, Courtney started not feeling so well right after lunch, so the rest of our day wasn't quite so fun. But I think she's all better now - yay!


JHRME said...

Too cute! I love "bibs" theyre so classic! We live right by an osh kosh outlet. Luke wouldnt let me buy them for all my cousins babies. Not even if we could ask for them to be hand me downed back to us in ten (yes ten) years.

Grandma G said...

Just keep in mind that fertility decreases considerably after age 30. ;)