Monday, September 13, 2010

I am embarrassed to say....

.... that I started this little sewing project way back in July. (My excuse is "too many extra hours on the lawn mower this summer". Will that work?) Anybody remember trying to guess what this was going to be? Well, here... finally... is the answer:

It's a pair of oven mitts, requested by Jess for her personal use. Made out of fabric she designed by her very own self. Sewn by her very own mommy.

They weren't too bad to make, even though it involved sewing through 8 layers of fabric at times. My trusty 40-year-old Kenmore was up to the job with no problems, though. For more details and where to get a free pattern and instructions, see Jess's blog post.

I discovered it's pretty hard to take a picture of one of the mitts on my own hand. I could barely get it far enough away from the camera to get the whole thing in the pic! But I did it!

On the other hand, it helps if someone has an iPhone that send pics (albeit often sideways) of one of the mitts in action! Below is Chef Alex, making one of his famous coffee drinks. Mmmmm!

Yep, it even fits a real man's hand.


Jess said...

Did that picture of Alex come in sideways, too? Dang it!

Yep, he heats up milk in that stainless steel frothing pitcher on the stove and makes foam. This was the first use of one of the new oven mitts. Woo hoo!

Also, my word validation for this comment is "ovention"!?

Grandma G said...

Hope he didn't spill on it! ;) Although they are very washable.

"Ovention".... somebody's watching us! Spooky!! And my word is "mittenesque"!

No, not really. I don't even have a word. I guess they must know me around here.

Grandma G said...

And yes, it was sideways. *sigh*

JHRME said...

Too cool!