Saturday, June 4, 2011

Busy week!

I've gotten a ton of things done this week. If only I could be this productive all the time. Ha... I'd be worn out and buried in a month! But as they say, ya gotta "make hay while the sun shines"... and the sun has shone a lot this week (finally!). It not only spurs me on to get things done before it disappears again, but it also energizes me. Does it do that to you, too? I just can get so much more done when the sun is out!

I got all my planting done, made a little more hay with the lawn mower, finally sorted and got rid of all the recycleables that were stacking up dangerously in the garage, and did a whole lot of other things. Here's a sample of what I planted on the north side of our house:

I do so love the non-stop begonias. They certainly live up to their name!

I think my favorite this year, though, just might be this begonia in the foreground below. Look at all those blooms! Behind it is a new kind of impatiens, called something "tropical" because of their pink-orange-yellow color, I think. They should be interesting.

Methinks I was heavily influenced in my color choices somehow this year by "Agent Orange". I do believe, though I've never cared all that much for orange, that it's starting to grow on me. Blue, however, is still my favorite color. But really, how many blue flowers can you find, anyway?

Speaking of orange, here's another sample. I didn't choose this color, but I think it's kinda nice, too. More on him and his siblings later.....

I'm also making progress on my latest sewing project. Y'know what? I think I'd rather cut out another Amy Butler Weekender Bag than what I'm cutting now! At least those were big pieces with mostly straight sides. And little did I imagine that this new project might have just as many pieces (50) when all is said and done, if not more! But it SHOULD be easier to sew. I hope! It's gonna be really cool, too. More so than expected. I think you're gonna love it, Jess! ;)

So I'd better carry on here. I'll be back when I can, but don't worry if I don't show up for a while again... I'll probably either be sewing or out soaking up SUNSHINE! :)


Jess said...

Oh man, are you serious? The new thing is a pain to cut out? It looked so simple! Sooorrrrrrryyyy!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Minnesota being poor and never leaveing the state till I left for college to play football
I thought all dirt was dark black. Now I have seen everything from Red to what we have in Ca. which is basically sand. When I looked at your first flower picture I though why is she planting flowers in the asphalt cracks. Then I realized it is the rich black loam of Minnesota which I miss and love to see when I come back to Minnesota. Great pictures!!!

I also agree with you about the color orange, Cindy loves the color orange and then she found Agent Orange's blog and she had a place that affirmed her love of orange. Also like you I am learning to like orange and even done a view glass pieces in orange and they look really good and if you put a little white in it looks like a creamscicle. But I have to give Agent Orange props on her new line, the projects Cindy has done with them are really cool and look great. Mark

P.S. it is 20 degrees warmer in Minnesota today than in Fresno

Grandma G said...

Yeah, Jess.... who'da thunkit by looking at the picture on the pattern envelope?! I'll forgive you. I was fooled, too. :) BUT, aren't you at all impressed with my ORANGE?!?! Don't know if I can forgive you for that! ;)

Funny, Mark, about the soil. :) And I'll gladly trade temps with you today. It was already 90° by 10:00 a.m.!! :( BUT, we'll be back in the 60's for a high by Thursday, so I'll gladly take that! Ahhh, MN... gotta love it! (At least part of the time!) ;)

Live a Colorful Life said...

I think the colors of those flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

What?? NOTHING can be harder to sew than the Weekender bag. Seriously!

Grandma G said...

I hope you're right, Cindy! :) Just remember labor pains... ;)

Grandma G said...

And is that why you're reading blogs instead of sewing on yours, Cindy? ;)

Yeah, breaks are DEFINITELY needed from working on that bag!!