Monday, June 27, 2011

Still a bag lady... Butterick B5475

If you recall my previous posts, you know I've been working on another sewing project. You also know that it's been a challenge! But, it's DONE! I actually finished it last Friday night. I mailed it to Jess on Saturday, but I couldn't show it to you until she received it, because there were some details inside that she didn't know about, and I didn't want to ruin her surprise. She got it yesterday, so now I can give you the "lowdown".

Here's what the pattern looked like, Butterick B5475:

It doesn't look too bad, right? Just a bag. Pretty simple and straightforward? Sure.

Well, if you read this post, you know the straps gave me plenty of grief! But they turned out nicely! Look:

That yellow rectangle is a pocket flap that fastens down with Velcro. It's kind of hard to see the pocket below it, because the fabric is matched, but it's there.

After struggling so hard but finally completing those straps, I went to the next step and nearly cried when I realized that I still had to do two more of those stinkin' straps!! They went up the sides of the bags like this:

But I was determined that I was going to get them done! I trimmed down even more seam allowance, and they actually went quite a bit better than the first two. WHEW!!

They fasten together via Velcro. They're what hold the sides folded into the bag. There are also magnetic snaps on the tabs you can see below to hold the bag closed. The tabs were not difficult to make, but they were also kinda putzy, as they were interfaced, too, and had to have the snaps installed into them.

The toes to the left belong to my little assistant. :) Here she is again below, holding the bag open for a better view.

There is also a divided pocket inside, with the left part made for a cell phone. More putzin' with darts, etc., to make that.

So all in all, the bag was not difficult except for turning the straps right side out, but it just took a long time because of all the details (and all the lawn mowing, etc.).

Finally, you can see my beautiful assistant modeling the bag for a little size perspective.

The print fabric is from Jess's new Outside Oslo collection. It's from the Dusk colorway, and it's called "Picket".

I really like the looks of it, but I'm thinking this may not be the most convenient bag to use, with those straps going across inside there. I guess Jess will just have to try it and find out. You can check out her blog post today and see what she thinks of it.

Now I'm ready for a quick, EASY, and fun sewing project for a change!! I have one in mind. I'll show you when it's done... which shouldn't be long! ;)


Jess said...

It's fabulous! I love it and can't wait to carry it around. I also like your assistant very much.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow. I'm totally impressed. Would you make one for me? Because I am totally NOT a bag lady. :)

Your assistant is adorable. Maybe I'll have to have MY assistant model the Weekender...

Grandma G said...

Well, Cindy... if YOU read all Jess's comments, you know the 'deal' on making you a bag. ;)

Yes, assistants are a great asset to any bag photo!

Jennifer Yanos said...

wow, your bag looks way nicer than the pattern. It's funny how fabric can make such a difference. Your bag stopped me in my tracks, whereas the pattern I wouldn't have looked twice at. Good job to you and Jess!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

Lori said...

Dido to Jennifer's comment,I'm glad I got to see it with your assistant holding it. It shows the size good. Love it!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Lori! Yeah, the perspective is good. Just looking at the pattern, I didn't envision that it was going to be that big!