Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain, rain.... go away!

We've been getting deluged with rain lately. Since Monday night, we've gotten nearly 3 inches... over an inch of that just during the noon hour yesterday. That's on top of the 2.24" we got about a week ago. Needless to say, the crops have plenty of moisture this year. And then some. Lots are under water.

Here's a part of our yard right after the noon downpour yesterday (taken through a drippy window, since it was still raining):

Courtney didn't mind the rain much, however. She got to wear her rain boots! In puddles! She worked really hard with Grandpa to get the rain off the driveway.

Below you can see her and Grandpa in action with perhaps a little better method of making the rain go away.

More rain is in the forecast for today. Hopefully we'll get some sunshine back by Friday!


Grace said...

Amen, Enough already. At least for a couple weeks, then ya know we farm folks will be asking for more rain. (;-} . Just gotta love Grandpa's little helper.

This is a NetFlix kinda day.

JHRME said...

We could use some of that over here please! (Ps. Didn't someone tell her rain doesn't quite shovel like snow?)That was my thought at first and then I realized they were building a canal.

Grandma G said...

I'd send it over if I could, JHRME, believe me! But weather only likes to go from west to east. Sorry. You, on the other hand, could send us some of your nice sunny, dry stuff! PLEASE?!

Grandma G said...

But only for a couple weeks, like Grace said. ;)

JHRME said...

I was gonna say. We've got no fireworks fOr the fourth of July dry.

Grandma G said...

Really? BUMMER!!! Too bad we can't combine our situations. Then we'd both be happy. :)