Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I won the battle

If you remember from this post a couple days ago, I told you my latest sewing project was fighting me. Here's the picture again, of what I fought with. See those narrow pieces hanging down with the round part at the end?

They are long, narrow, and have a sew-in fleece interfacing basted to the back. I had to sew them to a matching, uninterfaced piece. Easy. Then came the battle. I had to turn them right side out (through an opening I had left, of course). I knew it was going to be hard... but I had no idea how hard!! It was next to impossible, even after trimming away all reasonable bulk. I came soooo close to giving up. It was actually harder than the hardest part of sewing the Weekender bag together!

But I persisted (and nearly wore out my hands, arms, and patience... not to mention the poor fabric)... and I WON THE BATTLE!

Here's what they became:

They're each about 30 inches long, and barely an inch wide. Leaving a 4" opening at the middle meant I had to shove those ends over a foot from each end. Those thick round ends just did NOT want to go through. BUT THEY DID! Whew!!

I'm assuming the rest of the project will go much more easily. It's gotta. It can't get any worse! :)


Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow! They look great, but super difficult to work with.

Becky said...

fusible fleece! I can only imagine your struggle. I'd of been saying lots of bad words!

Grandma G said...

It was sew-in fleece... but fleece is fleece! I'll plead the fifth on the bad words. ;)