Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morning pretties

I couldn't resist grabbing the camera this morning, despite the misty fog coming at me. It's just a good thing I had my back to the wind, or my lens would've gotten wet. Such a common, simple flower, but aren't they gorgeous?!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, gorgeous works.
You actually had great light for these flower shots.
I'm enjoying the cloudy and cool even if the crops are not.


Becky said...

Petunias are so pretty and resilient! Great shots.

Grandma G said...

Thank you!

I'm enjoying the cool, too Dale... but I could use more sunshine! Today was nice, altho a bit windy for my taste.

. said...

Aqui no Brasil temos uma variedade muito grande de petúnias,florem o ano inteiro.Sou apaixonada por flores de todos os tipos,agora estão florindo os ipês rosas,árvores símbolos do meu país.
As ruas estão belíssimas,o chão parecem tapetes floridos.
Sonia Novaes