Tuesday, April 30, 2013

They got a trim

Grandpa and his farming brothers arrived yesterday morning with a chain saw to clean up the broken mess of the trees on our lawn. This ash tree looks much improved although bare in places.

They got rid of the biggest branches. I began working on the mess of twigs in the afternoon.

The ground was covered with little branches and twigs like this.

I managed to get everything picked up there. That's a lotta sticks!

The guys trimmed the poor maple tree, too. It looks better....

... and reminds me of an elephant. :)

I just barely got started raking under it. There are a lot more branches there than there were under the ash. It's gonna take a while. Maybe I can bribe convince Courtney to help me. Hmm... how can I turn this into a "craft project"? ;)

Looking up, I noticed this baltimore oriole nest from a couple years ago survived all the ice and falling branches. Pretty amazing builders, those orioles are!

While I was taking pics, these big birds tried sneaking by in the background.

Did you notice how green the grass is getting?! It'll slow down, though. It's gonna get cold again. Bah! The only good part of that is that it'll delay mowing a little longer. I won't mind that at all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah,I think the oriole nests are the best manifestation of mother natures ability to achieve amazing things through instinct alone.
I can't believe they think this out.


Grandma G said...

I agree!