Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crafting with Courtney

A couple weeks ago when Courtney was here, she started a project. It was the butterfly from this kit:

She had already done the flower over a year ago, so she was experienced. She didn't have this particular audience at that time, though. Annabelle watched intently... for a while...

... and then she could no longer resist!

She wasn't very good at sewing, though, so we made her back off a bit. She found Courtney's backpack a very comfy spot to watch from.

Courtney's technique improved as she went along...

... although sometimes she made a mistake (don't all sewers? yep!) and had to pull out some of her work, which often involved rethreading her needle. That was a bit challenging, but she was able to do it.

The face of concentration:

After sewing most of the way around, it was time to stuff the butterfly, which she's good at because she's helped me stuff a number of things.

Shortly after that, though she still had to sew most of the way back around, she got tired of working on it, so we put it away until this week, when she finished it. Isn't it pretty?

Next we'll work on projects where the holes aren't already punched in the fabric. One step at a time. She'll become Grandma's Little Seamstress someday! :)


annie dee said...

Very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

The photo of her partial face with the completed project looks so much like a little Jessica!
Nice job, Courtney!


Grandma G said...

I'll tell her you like it, Annie Dee. :)

Yeah, Gwen... every now and then I see a glimpse of little Jess in her. :)