Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Izzy and Zoey

Yesterday I told you I'd show you "the rest of that kitty" today. First, here's a slightly blurry, totally not-doing-justice photo of Zoey, the "cohort":

And a slightly better one from the side:

She's sooo pretty, and she has lovely long hair. Just look at that fluffy paw!

Below is the other end of "that tail". This is Izzy:

What a gorgeous little lady, huh?! She even has a "diamond"-studded collar, totally befitting her. Hmm... Zoey has(had?) a collar like that, too, in pink. I wonder why she wasn't wearing hers....

Those kitties are so sweet! And they were ever-so-patient with all the people who invaded their house and insisted on holding them... even the little boys who liked to carry them in unusual positions. ;) Way to go, kitties! I bet they were exhausted after everyone left, too. :)

Tomorrow.... the first gift I sewed for Courtney's birthday.....

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annie dee said...

Yeah! Kittens! So cute too