Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More birthday pics

Now for some not-so-funny pictures of Miss Funny Face. :) Here she is, opening her gifts. This first one is a crossbow, and looks quite dangerous! Ha - it's not really... it's a Nerf crossbow. Sounds like some super, safe fun!

I love these flashy shoes she got from Mommy and Daddy:

This is part of what Grandpa and I gave her... her first sewing kit! Gotta get this girl started pretty soon. ;)

I also made a couple of things for her, but the pics of her opening them didn't turn out too good (it was kind of dark for photo-taking). Later this week I'll show you the pics I took before I gave them to her.

Here's the annual cousins shot:

And with Mommy and Daddy... aren't they a good-looking family?

Everyone got leis to wear at the flip-flop party. Except I never saw one on Courtney. :)

One more shot with Mommy and Daddy. Can you tell who was getting tired of having her picture taken? I think she ran out of smiles. ;)

The table decorations included a grass skirt for the table. There was occasionally a scene like this:

It made a great place to hide, and the "grass" was rather fun to play with, too. :) Incidentally, something weird happens to that photo as I upload it to Blogger. It does not look like that on my computer... it's much darker. The above pic is way too light for some strange reason. I've had that happen before. Oh, well....

I'll show you the rest of that kitty tomorrow. She's so gorgeous, and so is her cohort!


annie dee said...

Very handsome family and great group of cousins

Live a Colorful Life said...

Looks like a fun party