Friday, May 7, 2010

Another sign of spring

While I was out mowing on Wednesday, I scared a couple of birds off their nests. The next morning I went out with the camera... and scared them off again.

Here's a robin's nest:

And a blackbird's nest:

Perfect, aren't they? But goodness... 5 eggs! Do blackbirds usually lay that many (Dale?)? It's gonna be a lot of work when those little beaks appear wanting food!

I hope the parents can keep those eggs warm! High temp is only supposed to be in the mid-40's today, and tonight there's that 's' word in the forecast. Ack! No accumulation, though... hopefully. And for tomorrow night there's a chance of patchy frost. Someone had better go out and put blankets on the corn that's peeking out of the ground!


JHRME said...

Woah! Those are pretty eggs! Ive never seen REAL ones like that before!

D and B W said...

Great pictures.