Monday, May 24, 2010

Evergreen beauty

I like the fresh new growth on the evergreen trees in the spring. Click on this collage to enjoy the greenness more.

Those protective little 'things' on the new buds are kinda cool.... till they get stuck all over me when I'm mowing around them. And boy, are they sticky... especially on skin!

We only had one evergreen tree that had much damage due to the snow on it last winter, which was kinda surprising considering the weight of those huge drifts. It now is sorta missing its middle, as those branches are hanging much lower.

They're still alive, but very damaged.

I wonder what will happen with them.


Becky said...

I am no expert but I bet those broken branches could be cut out. Then the tree will do what it does and grow.
You'll have a sculptural evergreen!

All the neighbors will be pea-green with envy and start cutting their trees the same way.

Grandma G said...

I'm sure they could be cut out. But I don't think evergreens fill in where stuff is missing. They grow from their tops and ends of their branches.

A new neighborhood trend, eh? Oooookay! lol

Actually, if I were gonna have branches missing, I'd prefer it was from their bottoms, so it wouldn't be so painful to mow around them. But we already have a neighbor who did that to his evergreens, and they look really stupid. :) (And he doesn't read my blog, I hope.)