Monday, May 17, 2010

Mysterious hole

Back between the garden and the evergreens to the north, I found this hole.

I have no idea what made it. It seems a bit too big for a striped gopher hole, and I've never seen any gopher... or any other animal, for that matter... around there.

It's about 3 inches across. There's no fur to be seen at all, but the hole seems to be freshly used, as there are no spider webs over it or anything. Take a closer look.

If you look really closely by enlarging the photo, you can see that there are bits of green grass down in the hole.

I have no clue what lives down there. What do you think? Courtney's daddy says it must be a cobra. Hmmm.....


Kim said...

Nice try Nate.. but snakes are incapable of digging holes. You need to find the culprit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've got us all wondering.
Are you sure the grass pieces are not just from your mower?
This conundrum will require some more detective work. Maybe video surveilance. Well now, I can't seem to spell.


Becky said...

I agree with Dale. Maybe setting up a motion activated camera - a nature cam? Whatever it is i wouldn't go poking my nose down there cause it might bite cha!

Grandma G said...

Okay... so far we've eliminated the snake (unless something dug the hole FOR the snake!).

I don't have a motion activated nature cam. Anybody want to loan me theirs?

I didn't poke my nose down there, but I did bring a flashlight along when I went out for the mail, and I stuck IT down there. And BOOM, the flashlight quit working, just like that! SUSPICIOUS, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh!
That's a sure sign of something otherworldly.

That hole may be a ventilation hole for the underworld.

Who knows what foul things may lurk below.

Now I'm worried for you.


Grandma G said...

Maybe you can come and dig it out for me and see what's really there?

Anonymous said...

But I'm scared.


Is this a pacific island feast or an expression for a predicament. I think I've gotten myself inalauou.

Anonymous said...

Could it be an old wasp/bee nest? I know they sometimes make their home in the ground.

Signed a lurker.

Grandma G said...

C'mon, Dale... I know you're BRAVE!! You can bring a gun if you want!

I don't think a wasp or bee nest would have that big an opening... would it??? Unless they're giant ones of some kind! Ooohhh... scary thought!!!

Lurkers are always welcome, but they should be BRAVE and sign their names! ;-)