Friday, May 21, 2010

I found 'em!

And I'm back! Okay, maybe you didn't even miss me. After all, I guess I only missed one day on here. It seemed longer to me. The power supply died on my desktop computer, so I used the laptop the last couple of days. Unfortunately, I couldn't do a regular blog post, because all my photos are on this PC. But, I got the repair done this morning and am back in business, with only minimal catching up to do.

Here's a cute pic for you. These are Mama Kitty's babies. (Look a lot like Blackie's, don't they? Methinks they had the same daddy.) They're 12 days old, and have just gotten their eyes open.

I've known for a while where they were, but I didn't think I could get at them. Also I didn't want to disturb them and cause Mama to move them. However, my curiosity got the best of me. ;-) They were under an old overturned stock tank (great hiding place!). I couldn't lift the tank, but I decided to reach in the hole and see if I could feel anything. Lo and behold, they were right inside the "doorway"!

I knew Mama was out hunting, as I could see her out in the field patiently waiting for her prey to make the mistake of coming out. So I figured I had some time, and I took out each kitten and examined it. Two girls and two boys. Then I put them back in their nest. As I walked back to the house, I could see Mama was still 'waiting', so I ran and got the camera and took the babies back out and snapped a couple pics.

So CUTE, huh? Holsteins. Ha! Very healthy looking, too. I was hoping for a calico, to maybe tempt me to bring it in the house, but I was outta luck there. I can't tell if these are gonna have long hair or not. If so, that might present another temptation. ;-)

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Becky said...

Gawd, they are precious!!!!!