Monday, May 10, 2010

It was COLD on Mother's Day morning!

How cold was it? Well, in the previous post you saw the frozen birdbath. As I was walking around outside, I happened to see a bit of a robin's egg on the ground, like it had been hatched and fallen from a nest. That made me think of my robin and blackbird nests, and I wondered if those eggs might be hatched, too, with the babies shivering in the cold while their parents hunted for food for them.

Of course I had to grab the camera to take with me, just in case. And then I thought maybe it was even cold enough to try out my new purchase that I'd made about a week before. I'd wished last winter that I'd had some fingerless gloves to wear when taking pics outside. I mentioned it to a friend, and she said she had some she liked and told me where she'd gotten them. I happened to see them when we were shopping, so I snatched up a pair... for NEXT WINTER. Little did I know how soon I'd be needing them!

They were great for yesterday morning! I really appreciated having them. Here's what they look like.

They have a mitten-type end knitted on that goes over the fingers, velcroed down when not in use, so it doesn't flap around. Nice! (Thanks for the suggestion, Lori!)

Courtney is here today (instead of her regular day tomorrow). She looked at the pic of my new gloves and said "No pinky!" :-)

Actually, the pinky is there, but it's just not long enough to show, since the gloves are a man's size medium. They didn't have any smalls, but these work just fine for me.

Oh, and the eggs in "my" nests were just fine... no hatchlings yet.

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