Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On a brighter note

Look who's back! I was so happy to see him show up yesterday!

Do ignore the "creepy-crawlie" to the left of the feeder. Some bird smacked into the window awhile back, and I'm waiting for it to STOP RAINING so I can wash the windows. It did leave an interesting design, though! But OUCH!

Shortly after I took this pic this morning, I saw TWO male orioles on the feeder at the same time. That's a first.

Hopefully I'll get some better pics once the weather clears up, the windows get washed, and the days get brighter. It's been so cold, dark and dreary, that it's reminding me of last winter... aargh! CRAZY weather!


Anonymous said...

The bird art does look like some shadowy spider thing.


egnisms - is that what you call little birds developing in eggs?

live a colorful life said...

So is Jessica loving the gorgeous orange in this photo? Really beautiful oriole!

Grandma G said...

Yeah, Dale. I'm so glad your vocabulary is increasing by commenting on my blog. :)

Cindy, you even had to ask??? :) Thanks.