Thursday, October 18, 2012

A box

Last week on her blog, Jess posted about a custom box template generator. I thought it sounded like something Courtney might like to try during our "craft time" on Tuesday. (Just for the record, she would make ALL of our time be craft time if she could!)  

She thought it sounded great, so I set up the template so it would just fit on a sheet of paper. I'd gotten cardstock out but forgot to put it in the printer, so our first print was on regular paper. I printed another one on cardstock, but told her maybe she should make a practice one first on the regular paper printout.

She went right to work, and she really did some elaborate decorating. In fact, she got so busy decorating that she forgot this one was only practice, and she was kinda bummed about having to do it all over again for the "real thing". She redid it, but didn't take nearly the time she did on the first one. You know how it goes... like when you write someone a nice long email and then accidentally delete it... and the rewrite just never comes out the same.

I didn't get pics of her final box, but she left the practice one here for me to keep, so since she worked so hard on it, I thought I'd show it to you. Here's the box!

She had used some little rulers and things with templates, making all kinds of shapes which she then decorated. Below is a collage showing every side. Click on it to enlarge and see it better. I especially like the top center one where she made those shapes into faces and then added bows at the tops. The kites are cute, too, as is the little bug (butterfly?) in the bottom right.

It kept her busy for a long time!

The size of the box? Very SMALL! Look:

Today there's no school, so she'll be here all day. I hope I have enough "craft" ideas lined up to keep her occupied! Hopefully I'll remember to take photos to show you what we do.


Anonymous said...

I see the artist developing.


Live a Colorful Life said...

Definitely a budding artist/crafter!

Jessica Jones said...

Nice color palette.

annie dee said...

Great job!

Grandma G said...

Yep, methinks we have another "Auntie Jess" in the family! YAY!!!