Thursday, October 4, 2012

From dusty to Rusty

Gee, don'tcha just love how I'm transitioning from one blog post to the next this week? Ha!

Anyway... remember this little guy from way back in May? His name is Rusty.

He grew up. Just look at him now!

Isn't he beautiful? I just love his markings.

Yes, he has a sore in front of his ear. It might be mange, as some of the cats seem to have it. Aargh. Anybody have any easy-to-apply cures for that? Used motor oil is supposed to work well, but I don't think I'd want them licking that off. Oil supposedly smothers the mites that cause the itching. I tried olive oil (because it was old and going rancid, so I didn't want it anymore) on one cat. She sure seemed to enjoy licking herself, and others were very willing to help her. Yum. I'm not totally sure it stayed on long enough to help, though.

Here are a couple more shots of my lovely Rusty.

It's too bad he's a tom. No doubt he'll eventually get run off by another older, stronger, stray tom. That's what happened to my favorites, Hairry and Marshmallow. They've been gone for weeks. My female cats have been fighting and trying to run each other off, too. *sigh*  I'm tired of cat fights! I guess there are just too many cats.


annie dee said...

He's a very handsome boy.

Grandma G said...

I'll tell him you said so, Annie Dee! ;)

Jessica Jones said...

Catching up my blog reading, obviously! I love him. He's gorgeous.

Grandma G said...

Obviously!! Where have you been?! "Best fan", indeed. ;)