Monday, October 29, 2012

Today... this very moment... 5:00 p.m.

Courtney is here today, as I type, instead of tomorrow (she goes to get her flu mist tomorrow after school). She's fascinated, and very busy, with a new app I got for my iPad. It's called "Toca Tailor", and is one of a number of apps (almost all of which I have) from Toca Boca.

"Toca Tailor" is a fashion design app. There are 4 characters that you can dress up in unlimited styles of clothes, which you design yourself, plus there are some accessories you can add. Courtney is LOVING it! 

Here are a couple of samples of what she's done so far. The first one is a boy who looks like he's currently wearing his pajamas.

Then she added a winter hat... and a flower. :)

She prefers dressing girls, though. She really dressed this one up!

I was trying to get a better picture by not using the flash, below:

Courtney looks better, but the iPad... not so great. It's just not light enough down here in the basement.

Anyway, she's having a blast! And I highly recommend the Toca apps if you have an iPad or iPhone! (That is, of course, if you're willing to give it up to a child for a while! Or spend time playing with them yourself - ha!) They only cost $1.99 each, and often there are half-price sales or occasionally they'll give one away for free!


Anonymous said...

I think Apple would want to use these pictures to sell their Ipad.

That's a happy camper.


Live a Colorful Life said...

Charlotte hasn't seen this app yet, but Levi really loved playing with it. I think Toca Boca has the most.amazing.apps.ever!