Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween crafting with Courtney

About a week ago, Jess posted about some free printable Halloween paper dolls. They looked like something Courtney would have a lot of fun with, so we printed some of them on Tuesday. Here's how they looked:

Courtney went right to work and cut them all out. This is what she ended up with:

She decided we should make the bat first. He turned out pretty cute... for a bat!

Next we glued together the dolls. That photo bomb eye looks pretty familiar, doesn't it? I guess it's her "signature" on her craft photos.

Then the costumes were quickly put together. Here are some of them, plus the bat and a black cat. So cute!

Courtney started dressing up the dolls. This must be a princess(?).

A witch:

Even a mummy!

I guess this next one is a pumpkin... a polka-dotted pumpkin! Courtney didn't want to cut too close to the stem, for fear it would tear, so it ended up standing up straight. It's actually supposed to be curled when just the narrow stem is left, but yes, it would definitely tear off easily.

And finally....

(Those are hats, too, in case you wondered. Again, Courtney didn't want to risk tearing them, so she didn't cut too closely.)

Courtney loved all of them! Changing the costumes was lots of fun, but I think she was even more excited that they could all be stacked together, which made them very compact for storage, plus it helped to keep them from getting bent. Yay!

I was going to save this for my post on Halloween, but I thought some of you might have little ones around that would enjoy making these dolls and costumes ahead of time, too. There are also a lot of dress-up outfits that the dolls can wear. They all come from Mr. Printables, where there are all kinds of fun things to print for kids!


Jessica Jones said...

Glad she had fun!

annie dee said...

Saw these when Jessica posted. Too cute. They came out even better than I imagined. I may try these for myself!

Grandma G said...

Go for it, Annie Dee! They'd make cute Halloween decorations.