Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vintage doll clothes, part 4

My little assistant insisted on assisting (say that 3 times fast!) by putting the baby in the photo tent each time. She didn't appreciate getting her photo taken in the process, though. ;)

This is a little sunsuit or romper or whatever you want to call it (Courtney calls it a swimsuit). It seems to have very stretched-out-over-the-years elastic in the legs. It's made from scraps of fabric I'd used to make a shirt for Grandpa. There will be no modeling by him, although I could probably dig up a photo of him wearing it way back then, along with a pair of double knit pants and sport coat I'd also made. But I won't, even though he was pretty good-looking with his dark hair and sideburns. ;)

Did you notice how tan that baby was? Gotta be a sunsuit! Ha! (Or poor photo editing.)

Below we have blue jeans and a sleeveless shirt. I'd made myself a pair of jeans and shirt from those fabrics.

And here's another little dress. I don't remember that fabric, and maybe I didn't even make the dress. I'm just not sure. Jess's grandma had borrowed the pattern for a while and made a few things, so this might be one of them. Or maybe she gave me the fabric. Jess, do you remember?

I did make the bloomers, though. They go with the red dress. And the baby is crawling here to show them off. Or maybe she was tired of getting her picture taken.

Sorry, Baby Beth... we're not quite done yet, are we? One more doll clothes post coming up. Gosh, I wonder how many hours I spent making them! And how did I find the time to do it? Oh, yeah... there was no internet in those days. ;)


Anonymous said...

You have been very productive through the years. Now, your assistant benefits greatly.


annie dee said...

Love the outfits and the assistant of course!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Yep, the best assistant anyone could ever hope for! :) And I'm so glad she can still benefit from my early efforts!

Jessica Jones said...

Hmm, I don't know who made that dress. But I liked it. Your assistant is funny, and that last photo cracked me up!

Grandma G said...

Just for the record, a close examination and comparison revealed subtle differences that proved the dress was not made by me, but by Grandpa's mother instead. So now we know. :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

Baby Beth has quite the extensive wardrobe!