Thursday, October 11, 2012

More prettiness

Cat prettiness, that is. This is Dash:

She's one of Patches' kittens from last spring. She's beautiful. She has a funny name. You might think she's named that because she always dashes away when someone tries to pet her. Yep, she's the only cat I have that I've never been able to touch, so the name certainly fits.

But that's not why she's named that. It's because she looks a lot like Rainbow:

And those of you with little kids around who like to play with My Little Ponies, will get the connection. ;)

Hey, did you notice that today is 10-11-12? I didn't, either. I heard it on the radio. Ha! It's cool, though.


Anonymous said...

Just look at the expression there.


Hey, Thanks Mark

Anonymous said...

Cute Picture but the best thing is to see a comment from Dale. Mark

Continued thoughts and prayers for Dale

Doug and Grace said...

We agree with Mark. Good to see Dale's comments again. Keeping him in prayers.