Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chilly morning!

We still have robins around, but I bet not for long! Here's what I saw when I first got up this morning:

If you've never seen a frustrated robin before, I think you have now!

They must've been thirsty, but drinking from the birdbath didn't work so well.

It was frozen solid. Like "what's the deal here?"

Look at this one below. Can that be frost on its breast? And eyelid?!

Probably not on the eyelid, or it would have melted when it opened its eyes. I didn't know their eyelids were white, though.

But the breast... what do you think? Is it frost? The other robin had a little whiteness, too.

I did go knock the ice out of the birdbath later and put water in it, but the robins may have already headed south. There was a sparrow that came and stood in it, though. But he apparently couldn't bring himself to go deeper than his legs, as he didn't actually bathe.

I've gotten goosebumps just writing this (and knowing what it feels like outside)!

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