Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More fall prettiness

Again, these are week+-old photos. So the trees are really looking pretty bare by now. But that's why we take pics... to preserve what we like to look at, right? This is what I saw on October 1st. We don't have anything that gets very red on our farm, but this year the green/gold combinations were lovely!

Look at how the leaves had fallen straight down in the pic below. That's rare around these parts. 

Of course by now they've blown all over the place, first from one direction and then the other. This was pretty while it lasted, though.

The asparagus has some lovely green/gold coloring, too. You can see a bit of it in the upper right corner of the photo above. Even my hostas got colorful. They also look pretty sad, though, because of the dry year. It's a good thing they're tough, because I didn't water them at all.

Remember the tree that got broken down because of the ice on it last winter? Here's what it looks like now (when I took the picture, that is):

Rather an odd shape, but its colors this year were probably the best it's ever had.

Below is the top of the maple tree a bit later. The wind was just beginning to pick up.

Now do you want to see something REALLY cool? My friend, LiEr, has been at a new project for quite some time. It's finally done. It's made out of wood. It's AWESOME! Go check out her little bake shop here! Her creativity blows me away!

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