Thursday, June 20, 2013

Did anybody (besides Grace) notice?

I have a new blog header! Actually, I've had it for a week already. It's almost not new anymore. I thought surely there'd be floods of comments on it. ;) After all, I hired a well-known designer to make it for me, because I wanted something a little more attractive than this ol' thing that I had way too long...

... and I knew I was too lazy I'd have a hard time coming up with something that not only looked good but also fit in the header space.

It's costing me. Good designers don't come cheap, let me tell you! Just how much is it costing me, you ask? Okay... I'll let you in on how much I'm paying. I haven't paid for it yet, but I will hopefully soon, before the interest starts adding up. It's costing me several hours' worth of painting! As in painting walls. No, not murals... just plain walls. House walls. In Cincinnati! Pretty crazy, huh?

To no one's surprise, I'm sure (unless you're new to my blog and haven't come here via How About Orange), I "hired" the fabulous graphic designer, Jessica Jones*. Why is the painting job in Cincinnati, you ask? Because she and her hubby are moving there next month!!

I'm looking forward to visiting their new home, and even to helping paint its walls. One of the most fun times I had in their Chicago home was when we helped paint it, so I'm counting on this "bill paying" to be a great time. I'll bet we'll even get to do some sight-seeing and eating at fabulous places, too. :)

Thanks for the header, Jess! I love it, even if nobody but Grace noticed it. Haha.

Incidentally, the flowers and oriole used in the header are from recent photos I've taken and posted here. (Want to see if you can find them? You won't have to go too far back.) Lucky for her, I seem to have taken pics of lots of orange things. ;)

*(For anyone who might not know, Jessica Jones is my daughter... and I'm very proud of that fact. :) )


annie dee said...

I did notice but didn't say anything. I love the goldfinch and the flowers - Gerbera Daisy's? Nice job. Josie's not mad about being omitted, is she? Have fun bill paying!!

Grandma G said...

Heehee... the... um... "goldfinch" is actually a baltimore oriole. And the flowers are gazanias. Jess used my own photos to make the header. They're from recent posts, even. See... she made 'em look so good they're not even recognizable! ;)

I'll have to update the post when I get to my PC.

Grandma G said...

P.S. Yes, Josie is VERY mad! She will never go to visit Jess in Cincinnati!

Jessica Jones said...

Alex will be relieved.

Grandma G said...

Relieved why? Because I have a new header? Because he won't have to do so much painting? Because I'm proud of you???

OHHH... because Josie won't be coming along to visit you! Ha! Yeah... he will be relieved. :)

Jessica Jones said...

I meant Josie, but probably all of the above, too.

LiEr said...

I noticed it today! Did you have it yesterday? Tues? (I've lost track of time) when I came to read your butterfly-motif pants-turned-hoodie post? It's lovely. So bright and cheery and modern but not cookie-cutter modern the way some blog headers are. It's very you, actually. Jess must know you well. Oh, wait ... that's right, you're her mom. Anyway, I LOVE it!

I choose alternative payment for my family-clients too! Like the time I tailored my MIL's wedding-anniversary blouse - I had her pay me in chocolate.

Off to the pool with the kids now. Must make hay while the sun shines, you know? Or, in my case, must hit the pool when the swimming instructor isn't actually there so I can goof off ;)

Grandma G said...

If you'd read my second sentence, you'd know the new header's been up for a week. Heehee. I guess that's why nobody commented on it before... it's not noticeable. Must be because it looks so much like the old one. ;)

Chocolate is wonderful payment! Hmm... that'd be a lot easier than painting, too, wouldn't it?

Live a Colorful Life said...

I'm SO far behind on reading. I'm sure I would have noticed it right away! It's bright and cheery, beautiful done. I'm sure the payment for design services will be lots of fun. Seems like a good trade to me!