Tuesday, June 11, 2013

American Girl doll skinny jeans (#2) and canvas slip-ons (#2)

I finally got busy and made some more clothes for my AG doll, Kit. I think she's earned them... she's done a great job of modeling all the clothes for Courtney's Marie Grace.

First of all, I cut up a pair of my own old jeans that for some reason I knew I'd never wear again. ;) I made another pair of skinny jeans like these.

They have functional front pockets and a (fake) back yoke.

Then I made another pair of canvas slip-ons like these.

Those tiny shoes are just so fun to make, and also very quick.

The one person I was sure would recognize the fabric on the toes didn't. Anybody else know what it is?

The lining was from some vintage fabrics my mother-in-law gave me a while back.

So here's my hard-working little model in a whole outfit of HER OWN:

The shoes make her feet look kinda huge! Actually, they are about a half inch longer than her feet. If I make another pair, I might try making them shorter. Maybe. They're already pretty tiny to work with, so it might be harder than it's worth. We'll see.

Oh, and remember I said the shirt fabric was from a jumper that I'd made for Jess when she was about two years old? I actually did dig up the photo. It turns out she was exactly two years old, and this was her Easter outfit that year, plus she wore it at her birthday party. Unfortunately, the appliques are kind of hidden behind the bowl of Easter eggs and aren't very clear, but I think they're a colorful hen and chicks. :)

Photos have certainly come a long way in the last 30+ years, haven't they? :)


annie dee said...

Those jeans make her look so skinny! Love ALL the outfits!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! BTW, I don't think those jeans made ME look skinny when I wore them. ;(

Jessica Jones said...

If this post had a like button, I would click it.

Grandma G said...

Sorry, Jess... I can't help you with that. I guess you'll just have to write the words. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I LIKE it too.


JHNickodemus said...

Too cute! You're so talented!

Grandma G said...

Thanks!! :)